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Humanity stands at a critical crossroads. While our unprecedented interdependence has made the world a single organism, a by-producs of this reality is that our world is prone to systemic societal ailments. Climate change, inequitable access to sources of energy, growing threats of nuclear terrorism and war are some of the urgent challenges we face in the 21st Century. Yet we lack the institutions for collective decision-making and enforcement needed to tackle them effectively. There is a huge chasm between the institutions we have and those that we need. 

Bridge to Global Governance offers hope that we can bridge this chasm. It proposes taking a first step across the gap that is simple yet elegant and practicable, inspired by the highly successful institutional model used to help rebuild and restore Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War. Adapting this model to address our current challenges of climate change, energy needs, and nuclear proliferation will solve these already global, collective problems. Equally importantly, it will start to create broader global governance institutions to solve the myriad other collective problems that our interconnected world faces with ever-increasing frequency and urgency.