Living in the Half-Light Sketches of a Baha'i Family

Living in the Half-Light Sketches of a Baha'i Family

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In this alternately funny and deeply touching book, Jean Gould opens the door to her family's private moments and shares her memories as a teacher, wife, mother, and friend. In thirty short vignettes, each introduced with a selection from the Baha'i writings, she recalls the struggles and triumphs of life in a Baha'i family at the end of the twentieth century. In an age where uncertainty and anxiety are the only constants, and when families are being torn apart from all sides, here is a book that reminds us why we stay together--and what wonderful things happen when we do.

Using excerpts from the Baha'i writings to support the stories (or maybe it's the other way around), Living in the Half-Light offers lots of examples of how the Baha'i writings can be applied in our daily lives. A delightful read!

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft Cover

23 x 15 cm

180 pages